7 Critical Tips to Learn Computer Programming Faster

If you have stumbled upon this article you are either pursuing a computer course or are planning to take up one, particularly that in programming. Well we can’t deny that the subject of computer science has become so intriguing and how the job market is dominated by the IT sector and how much is going to take over in the near future. Given the fact like learning programming and coding has now become even more easier as students can study online and take up the computer courses or even full-fledged degree in computer science, all online. But the point is not just to learn it but learn it quickly and efficiently so that you can land up on a good job or get an upgrade in your existing job.

Here are 7 quick tips for the programming learners to grasp the most of it :

Pay attention to the fundamentals

This isn’t a new concept; you can’t write a sentence properly if you don’t know the alphabets. It is always intriguing to proceed to the advanced concepts. And the mistakes which learners under computer courses do is skip the fundamentals or take them lightly. The fundamentals might appear easy but it is important know them all thoroughly before you take up the advanced concepts rather than scratching your head in the middle of the coding process.

Remember the two Ps- Practice and Perfection

Follow the age old saying to do well in your endeavors with computer science, practice, practice and practice until you achieve perfection. The theoretical knowledge stands true only until you know how to apply it practically. And this is specifically important for computer courses. Make sure whatever new learn in a day you religiously practice it before getting into a new one.

Code by hand

Well this is a trick suggested by many experts and efficient coders and programmers themselves. You might think you have taken up a computer course and all you will be attached to is the computer screen and the keyboard. But if code by hands will enhance your analytical skills. When you code by hand you will require precision, caution and an intent behind every line you are coding as you can’t run the code to check if you are going right mid-way. You might think computer science have made so much advancement but why do you need to code by hand, the reason is many colleges or even job interviews ask the aspirants to code by hand to test their proficiency. And you sure would not like to give up an opportunity, do you?

Decide which language you can start with

There is no hard and fast rule on how many programming languages you can learn, the only suggestion here goes is that you start with the ones which are easier to learn and are better option to start with, then directly jumping on the complex ones. Also, the decision of which language to learn will also depend on where and how you want to use code for.

Seek help

Self-learning is definitely an achievement, but there are times when you need help and in no matter should you shy away from seeking that. You can seek help from your mentor for sure or from the peers and also from professionals who are already in the field of computer science and applying their knowledge and skills. Your computer course is not restricted to the study materials and what is taught to you by the mentors, now a days there are experts who love to share their knowledge on the virtual platforms and they also take questions from the beginners and try to solve them.

Search the Internet

Internet has a plethora of knowledge and no one can deny that? Just as we mentioned your learning doesn’t have to be restricted to your text books alone. There are concepts which might be better explained in the internet, or you may find some additional information on the same. Learning from one source is never sufficient. While you proceed with your bachelor of computer science or certificate in computer application, whatever be the program, you need to keep in mind that you have to find out a lot by yourself. This may include better explanation of the concepts, some tricks and tips etc. That doesn’t mean you depend on the internet only.

Practice by altering sample codes

This is one clever way to grasp the coding techniques. In your learning period you will be provides with sample codes, to give you an idea what your codes should look like. Try tweaking the codes whenever you have the opportunity. Every code has a structure and a flow, by tweaking the sample codes you would be able to figure out how you can structure the flow of your own code.

Learning computer programming is no rocket science, even schools in many countries have now started teaching the basics of coding to give the kids a gist of what it is all about. And when it comes to be as a course for higher and vocational education, programming is evidently one of the most popular courses. Consequently, even Uganda is on the same track and a number of computer training institutes in Uganda have come up with different computer courses for the students.

Even the colleges and universities are quintessentially trying to incorporate degree course in computer science with varied specializations for students. And if you are planning your admission any time soon make sure you are picking up a college and a course which the subject affiliated and can provide you with the needed support. Some University in Uganda offers a diploma in computer science and information technology and it is one of the qualities courses to take up. The course is outlined well to equip the students with a robust foundation, whether they want to go for in depth study in the same field or jumpstart their career. Computer science and its study is indeed going to change a lot in the future.

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