Top Game Development Institutes in Jaipur

With the advent of Coding and the mass learning of programming languages, Game Development has become the most popular courses. It is the new field with more career growth and the higher interest of youths. However, game development has become a revolutionary technology that everyone seems to talk about. Gaming and Game Development are the zones mainly confined to the youngsters. It is the “Most Appealing” Career Opportunity for students in the near future. Game designing gets your career started with the study of developing digital content, which is rich in information and device compatible.

Game development is the latest field with multiple career options like Game Programmer, Game Artist, Game Designer, Game Publisher, Animation Effects Expert, etc. This you can achieve with a computer science degree or a diploma and lots of practice. You have to develop your graphics and animation skills as well. This will require lots of patience and passion. With immense dedication and focused learning you can have a very good career in game development.

In order to achieve expertise in Gaming and to enhance your skills, the following institutions of Jaipur can help you out. Here we are providing a list of top ten Game Development Institutes in Jaipur. You can learn about Game Development Courses in Jaipur through this blog which will help you to choose the most convenient for you. The list contains the top 10 institutes in Jaipur along with the Game Development course they offer, with a brief description, and key features.

Let’s have a look on these Top 10 Game Design and Development Institutes or Classes and Top 10 Game Design and Development Courses in Jaipur.

List of Best Game Design and Development Institutes in Jaipur

1. Arena Animation

This is the best institute in Jaipur for students who are interested in game development and animation courses. The campus environment is too good for the students to acquire knowledge.

Features of the Institute

  1. Very good infrastructure and well-furnished classrooms.
  2. The institute offers good placement opportunities according to the level of the students. About 3/4th of the students get placed in the best studios.
  3. Internship opportunities with very handsome stipends.
  4. Well-trained teachers with excellent command over subjects.
  5. Co-curricular activities and organization of timely events.

Courses Offered

  • Certificate in Trinity 3D – 28 months
  • Certificate in Game Development in Mobile, AR and VR – 10 months
  • Certificate in Game Design Program – 225 days
  • Certificate in Game Art Program – 21 months

2. Picasso Animation College

It is the second most popular college of Jaipur for Gaming Development. They offer a Master’s degree course in gaming which is very helpful in career growth.

Features of the Institute

  1. The college has a well-equipped computer lab.
  2. There is a Library as well for referring the latest books.
  3. Free Wi-Fi Campus for uninterrupted learning.
  4. AC Classrooms.
  5. Placement in the big brands like Amazon, Dot Square, etc.

Courses Offered

  • M.Sc. in Animation and Game Design – 2 years (Degree by Singhania University)

3. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics

It is the third most popular game development center in Jaipur. The faculty members are very helpful, and are well trained. Their teaching quality is very good.

Features of the Institute

  1. Placement in big companies like Big Animation, IBN7, NDTV, etc.
  2. Special modern-day course curriculum.
  3. Industry-oriented teaching style.
  4. Highly talented professional faculties.
  5. Studio-like classrooms.

Courses Offered

  • UG Diploma – 1 year

4. Apex University

It is launched under the supervision of Sanjay Shiksha Samiti. The main campus of the University is located in an eco-friendly environment. It is one of the oldest universities in Jaipur.

Features of the Institute

  1. Very strong corporate connections for growth.
  2. Students are made to work on live projects.
  3. Certifications from industries.
  4. Centralized library.
  5. Upto 100% Scholarship is offered.

Courses Offered

  • Diploma in Gaming – 1 year

5. TGC Animation & Multimedia

TGC has a proven track record of unmatched performance and perfect training deliveries. It offers very good placement to the students in the most reputed agencies.

Features of the Institute

  1. Innovative learning resources and unique training methods.
  2. Training from the subject knowledge experts having more than 10 years of experience.
  3. The institute also provides industry exposure.
  4. A very interactive learning environment.
  5. Fun activities along with studies.

Courses Offered

  • Gane Development – 2 months

6. IRAA Animation Academy

One of the top institutes of Jaipur for Animation, VFX and Graphic Designing field. They are providing quality education, skills and training through degree, diploma and Certificate courses.

Features of the Institute

  1. Classrooms are equipped with projectors and pen-tabs.
  2. Experienced Faculty and Expert Trainers bring the best knowledge to students.
  3. Interactive classrooms for overall development.
  4. Extracurricular activities on weekends.
  5. Also teaches graphic designing.

Courses Offered

  • Certificate in 3D Game Design – 14 months

7. Dicazo Institute

One of the best institutes in Jaipur in the Game Designing domain. The best technologies are used here to provide real experience of the virtual gaming world.

Features of the Institute

  1. Industry compatible courses.
  2. Training is provided for freelancing work.
  3. Varied courses at an affordable price as per your needs.
  4. One to one interaction with the students.
  5. Proper systems with all the modern tools.

Courses Offered

  • Game Designing Course – 90 days

8. Samyak IT Solutions

One of the best institutes providing quality education. They create a positive attitude among the students for growth. The company also works in varied digital marketing services, thus providing learning with training.

Features of the Institute

  1. Maintains a thorough understanding of the fundamentals.
  2. Focuses on creating key modular game properties, level design, C #game scripting, and designing menus.
  3. Training is provided under self-guidance.
  4. Expert & experienced faculties.
  5. Nice campus with well-equipped labs and classes.

Courses Offered

  • Unity Game Development Course

9. TechnoGlobe

Techno Globe is a Distance Education centre since 2010 and has helped more than 1200 professionals in upgrading their level of education along with working.

Features of the Institute

  1. Tie up with several state universities.
  2. Industry Recognition with the best Skill Set.
  3. Different levels of certification can be chosen.
  4. Placements are offered in one of the best companies in India.
  5. Suitable for the working professionals.

Courses Offered

  • AutoCAD Certification

10. Seldom India

A venture started by young entrepreneurs is one of the leading centres for Game Development courses in Jaipur. They are a team of Enthusiastic and Charismatic Trainers. They are determined to bring success to themselves, organization and the students as well.

Features of the Institute

  1. Successfully recruited the students in the big brands like Yokohama India, Harley Davidson India, etc.
  2. It is a MSME registered training provider.
  3. Highly professional faculties and trainers.
  4. Growth oriented strategy is followed in order to improvise the personalities of the students.
  5. Good learning environment for better understanding.

Let’s Conclude

Game Development is one of the most growing fields for pursuing a great career. It is one of the highest-paying profiles and also fun learning. Due to increased interests of the youngsters it becomes an exploring and dynamic field for them. This list of top ten game development institutes in Jaipur will help you in finding out the best game development centre in Jaipur. So, why are you waiting just go through each one of these websites one by one, compare, and finalize one, acknowledged!

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