Google Certifications: What They Are and What They Are For

Are you interested in digital marketing and looking for some digital marketing institute or certification? Do you listen about Google certification? How do Google Certifications work? Are they useful for improving your business? Let’s try to answer these practical questions and find out how to obtain the main certificates recognized by Big G.

The ‘keys’ of Internet search are firmly in Google’s hands. This is why it is essential, for those looking for new promotion opportunities, to know what the rules of the Mountain View Colossus are . The tools to learn how to make the most of Big G products are Google Certifications, which allow you to get to the bottom of SEO and SEM dynamics.

Google certifications: which one is the right one?

The first step for a functional study plan is to identify which course is suitable for specific needs, from advertising to knowledge of strategies to improve the ranking of your website. Google, in fact, has diversified the educational offer starting from basic levels , for students and the curious, to in- depth studies for professionals in the sector . It is therefore clear that the investment will also be different, in terms of time and commitment, depending on the type of qualification chosen

But how does Google’s offer diversify for the training of its users / customers? These are the main certificates issued by Big G which we will deal with in this article:

1. Google Digital Training certification
2. Google Adwords certification
3. Google Analytics certification

Google Digital Training Certificate: a great start

Google Digital Training is a preparatory course that addresses the basic concepts of Internet marketing. It is structured in 26 modules designed by Google training specialists, in order to meet the needs of both entrepreneurs – eager to enhance the digital presence of their brand – and professionals who aspire to expand their knowledge on web marketing. Each module addresses specific topics, with short in-depth video tutorials that are particularly useful for planning a marketing strategy for SMEs .

On the Home Page there are also some case histories which show examples of success on how to apply the concepts learned to different business models in practice. At the end of the training course it is possible to take an exam consisting of 40 quiz questions which, if passed, allows you to obtain the certificate. The certification can be printed and, above all, it can be shared on social networks, such as LinkedIn, to certify one’s digital skills.

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Google certifications for search engine marketing

The two qualifications reserved for those who want to specialize in creating online advertising and measuring results are of a more advanced level. We refer to the Google Ads certification and the Google Analytics certification. Adwords is Google’s advertising platform based on the PPC (Pay Per Click ) system, which means that the advertiser pays only when a user clicks on the ad on the display or search network. Analytics, on the other hand, is the tool used to measure user data on its site, studying its segmentation, behavior, acquisition etc.

Google Ads certification: become a specialist in advertising

It is divided into two categories, the individual and the agency categories. The latter, which follows slightly more complex rules, is aimed at web agencies that want to obtain the Google Partner or Premier Google Partner badge for Adwords. Conversely, all users who are regularly registered with Google accounts can access the individual course. The certifications cover four ‘product areas’: Google Ads search network, Google Ads display advertising, video advertising and Shopping ads.

To obtain the certificate that certifies the skills for online marketing strategies through the Google display network, it is necessary to pass – with a score equal to or greater than 80% – the final test for which you have 75 minutes of time. Those who fail will have the opportunity to try again after 24 hours. The certificate is valid for one year and at the end of the 12 months it is possible to access the qualification process again and thus renew the certification.

Google Analytics certification: learn how to measure your success

To teach its users to analyze data and profit from it, thereby improving online performance, Google has created the Analytics Academy. Also for this product, Big G diversifies the offer according to the target audience. For beginners, the modules cover the preliminary stages, such as creating an account and go into greater detail on topics such as monitoring the objectives of a display campaign or other promotional initiatives. In the level reserved for expert users, on the other hand, advanced features are explored such as data collection and their processing for analysis and marketing actions.

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