Must Know About PRAXIS Exam & PRAXIS Score Calculation

What is the PRAXIS exam?

A collection of tests is the PRAXIS exam. Teachers choose this exam based on their expertise. This is the first step where a teacher starts their teaching career. Through this exam, a teacher can get their teaching license.

“The Praxis tests measure the academic skills and subject-specific content knowledge needed for teaching. The Praxis tests are taken by individuals entering the teaching profession as part of the certification process required by many states and professional licensing organizations.”- Christine ex-consultant at Myassignmenthelpreview.


There are few praxis subjects and praxis core assessments are available. Teachers need to answer multiple-choice and essay types of questions. This is a computer-based examination and it is held on several testing centers. Praxis core assessments contain writing, reading, and math tests. Teachers must have good knowledge of these subjects. For every subject, they have a different exam. If a student wants to be a teacher for an elementary school, they need to pass specific praxis elementary education tests and content-based exams are also available. A student must have a good knowledge of content. They need to perform several content exams for social studies.

When a student is preparing for the PRAIX, they need to learn about reading and content writing. A teacher must have good knowledge of every subject, a student can do their masters in one subject but they can teach other subjects. This is one of the crucial tests that can define a teacher can earn their license or not. The teacher must choose their state; in case any failures occur, they can reappear the exam. This test helps a student to determine their strength and weakness. Every student wants to pass this exam to earn their license.

The Praxis exam is created to measure subject matter information and other skills for a student who chose their career as a teacher.  Many students start their journey begin by pursuing the Praxis Core exam that is a basic knowledge test. This exam covers mathematics subjects with their reading and writing skills.  Few colleges use the Praxis Core scores to estimate the teacher’s ability.

Before getting the license, few states require to pass one more Praxis Subject assessment.  In the Praxis Subject Assessment that a teacher must be dependent on a subject and grade-level that candidates who are preparing for a teacher.

How to calculate PRAXIS score:

After completing the PRAXIS examination, students immediately get their raw score of the exam. This score is able to show how a student prepares for a teaching job. So it is very crucial to understand the PRAXIS score.

After finishing this exam, a student is able to see a specific field that can provide an overview of the total number of questions. For example, in the core reading section, the number of questions is 50. Another section of this page indicates the number of correct answers. There is a specific section available that indicates the total number of answered questions. Students are able to calculate the raw score percentage as the ratio of the total number of questions and the correct number of questions. If a student gets 42 questions right answers, his/her can score 42 and 75%.

The raw data is very important to calculate the total score while a student pursues a course or working with the school. Sometimes school or educations sectors want to know the score before the official result issued. If an academic counselor wants to know the PRAXIS score, a student must not provide their official result. The provisional score display with the raw score on the website. Sometimes, an unofficial score can be the same as the official score, except the exam centers itself made any mistake to calculate the points.

The raw score can be different and less accurate than the official score. Raw scores are able to express the different scale from official scores. The score can be calculated on the zero scales of the total question numbers of the exam. PRAXIS score is starting from 100, and it goes up to 200. The raw score can provide a simple and understandable look at the exam of a student. When an exam aspirant mentally exhausted form answering many questions. A student can get a basic idea of their performance from their correct answers.

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