Top 10 Courses to Study from the UK

The United Kingdom is the home to some of the world’s top universities. Few of them are the world’s oldest institutes and delivering quality education to the students for ages. If you are looking for the names then here the names are:

Oxford University (since – 1096)

Cambridge University (since – 1209)

St Andrews University (since – 1413)

Glasgow University (since – 1451)

Aberdeen University (since – 1495)

Edinburgh University, etc. (since – 1583)

So, if you are looking for the top British universities to pursue your education, then there are plenty of them. Choose one according to your qualification, budget, and convenience. The academics featured above offers multiple courses and I have listed the top 10 of them in this post.

Business Studies

Our world has changed a lot and it doesn’t look the same as it was a few decades back. Globalization had made things easier and had shaped the way of living. Back then the business was done by a particular group or caste of people but nowadays anybody having an interest in doing business can take a part in business studies.

The universities in the UK offer the best business study courses and you wouldn’t regret spending your time at those particular institutes. MBA is one of the most preferred courses to be studied by students all over the world. The academics in the UK not only provide the best quality business study courses, but they also provide great placement opportunities at the globally recognized companies.


Pursue your engineering degree from some of the world’s top universities situated in the English countryside, the UK. The study programs offered by these universities are highly research-based which helps the students to get equipped with the knowledge and skills required.

Many UK based engineering companies have a partnership with these universities and offer job placements and internships to the students too. The UK welcomes almost 100K international students particularly for engineering courses and that is incredible.

Engineering courses offered by the UK’s universities:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Aeronautics
  • Environmental and Civil engineering
  • Bioengineering

Law Courses

The UK is the home to some of the oldest universities which offer quality based law courses. Due to its rich tradition, the law degrees of the UK have become highly completive as well as popular among foreign students. It has been figured out those more than 30 K international students had attended the previous academic year.

Popular Law degrees offered by the universities of the UK:

  • Masters of Law
  • Criminology
  • Civil Law
  • Criminal justice
  • International human rights
  • Bachelor of Law

Computer Science and Information Technology

The United kingdom doing a magnificent job in the advancement of computer science and information technology for decades. Whether it’s Tim Berners, the founder of World Wide Web or Alan Turing, the inventor of the universal machine, the UK has always been the hotspot for innovation and modern science.

Pursuing a computer science or information degree in the UK will help you develop core skills to shape businesses. Tools, development kits, and programs offered during the courses will surely help you develop your ability and knowledge in specific areas including IT, software engineering, games development, security, design, etc.

Some of the UK’ leading university which offers quality computer science and information technology courses is as follows:

  • Cambridge University
  • Oxford University
  • Edinburgh University
  • Kings College London
  • Imperial College London etc

Medicine and Surgery

The world’s population has drastically increased over the years at the same time the standard of living has also increased, all thanks to modern technology. The area of medicine and surgery had also got a boost of advance and innovative tech and the way we are dealing with medical science these days is completely different compare to the old days.

Make your dream of becoming a doctor or medical expert come true by pursuing medical courses from some of the UK’s top medical colleges and academics. If you are looking for medical degrees offered in the UK then the list is huge.

  • Surgery
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Dentistry
  • Biomedicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Veterinary Surgery etc

Politics and Social Science

It’s time for some politics, LOL.

Studying politics and social science can open doors to multiple job opportunities for you. A degree in political science will help you understand the key dynamics of various political systems of different nations around this blue planet.

You will also get to know how governments of different countries deal with society, human rights, crisis, debt, social infrastructure, and many more. After completing your courses you will able to serve in government organizations no matter whether it is national, international, or even local.


Art courses are gaining huge popularity among international students and the UK is the best place to shape the artist inside you. Brilliant modules of study offered by the top renowned artists create a creative environment for learning the best art ship which makes the art universities of the UK a top preference.

A degree in arts pursued from the UK makes it possible for the students to get hundreds of attractive jobs. Most popular arts degrees offered by the UK universities are as follows:

  • Graphic Design
  • Fine Art Painting
  • Fashion Design

Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism has become a strong and major financial asset for multiple countries and places such as Maldives, Bali, Switzerland, Bahamas, Bangkok, and the list goes on and so does the demand of professionals related to the tourism and hospitality sector has also increased.

Tourism and hospitality study programs attract thousands of students every academic year and UK based universities are one of the best destinations in the world to shape your hospitality skills at its best.

Marine Biology

The amount of life is larger beneath the ocean compared to the land and truly it’s under great risk. The uncontrolled and regular human activities have caused numerous hazards to ocean life and the time has come to serve Mother Nature.

You can become better at serving our oceans if you will own a degree of marine biology and the UK could be the best place to pursue your studies of marine biology.


People are getting more mental illness than before these days. Mental illness can lead to multiple health problems and you can help people overcome these problems by becoming a good psychiatrist. Nothing is more powerful than a human brain and one of the most vital organs of a human body.

Each and every part of your body is connected to this small brain and we must make a great effort to keep ourselves well in the aspect of mental health.

The UK universities which offer psychology courses are as follows:

  • Cambridge University
  • Oxford University
  • St Andrews University
  • University of London
  • Durham University etc

Bottom Line:

Education is the driving source for an ideal society and its quality also matters a lot. Every student has a dream to be the part of the best universities and academics for pursuing the courses and the United Kingdom has no doubt abundance of it.

Whether you want to be a doctor, engineer, biologist, or even an artist, the universities of the UK can help you make your dreams come true. Hope this list of top 10 courses to study from the UK will help you in choosing an ideal course to study from one of the best academics in the UK.

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