Top 5 Best Educational Apps for Students (Free) – 2020

Android is popular for its app store, also known as the Google Play store. There are millions of apps available for different tasks, to ease your Smartphone experience and to perform several tasks as needed.

However some educational institutions started developing their apps to conduct online education programs so that they can have the maximum reach to their students both online & offline medium so far.

Educational apps are always a better way to keep yourself updated on the go if you are a student, you always have the access to their content libraries and study materials wherever you need, they also help you to choose new career and grow within.

Although there are thousands of good apps that provides online learning opportunities, here we have listed the top 5 educational apps for your best learning experience for your study purpose. These apps are your best companions and will help you to ease your study patterns.

Note : The applications listed below are to ease your online study experience,  you can choose any one or all of those according to your needs.

List of 5 best educational apps for students in 2020:

Duolingo :

Duolingo is one of the best English learning apps in the Playstore. This app is very easy to use and simple, so that you can start learning your favorite English language for free, from the comfort at your home anytime.

Apart from English, you can also learn Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and many more languages, free!

Features of Duolingo :
• The best language learning app that supports 30+ languages.
• Learn in a fun interactive way and quickly improve your English.
• Practice listening and speaking, track your goals easily.
• Join forums for discussion, participate in leader board competitions and win achievements.

App Download Link:- Click Here

Udemy :

Udemy is an online-learning platform for students of various professions and working professionals as well. This platform has 130,000+ video courses taught by expert instructors.

From Programming languages to Drawing, Story writing and Public speaking you have the options to select courses from 2000+ different topics.

Features of Udemy :
• Thousands of Free & paid courses available to choose from.
• Learn from 50,000+ expert instructors in one place teaching in 60 + different languages.
• Easily learn any course, anytime according to your time frame and download for offline learning.
• Get free life-time access to any course and its contents, once you have enrolled for it.

App Download Link:- Click Here

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Coursera :

Coursera is another similar platform like Udemy, this platform also have thousands of online video courses available in different topics, these courses are prepared by the top colleges and universities in the world.

You can easily enroll any course on Coursera for free, however, if you want the course completion certificate, then you may have to pay some amount for that.

Features of Coursera :
• Browse courses on a variety of subjects from Computer science to art & design.
• Stream lecture videos online, or download for offline viewing.
• Explore new degree programs from top universities around the world.
• Earn certificates after each course completion.

App Download Link:- Click Here

edX :

edX is the best content library of the world’s top class institutions like MIT, Harvard, Berkley, IBM, Microsoft, etc. If you want to opt your career from those dream universities, there is a chance for you to do so from your mobile.

There are more than 2000+ courses from top-level universities in different professions like Engineering, Business studies, Computer science and many more to choose from.

Features of edX :
• Learn online from your home and choose 2000+ different courses from top class universities.
• Get study materials and handouts to practice your learning.
• Master most-demanded skills from top universities with certification.
• Most of the courses are paid, you can choose from their free available courses for a limited time.

App Download Link:- Click Here

SoloLearn :

If you are interested in coding, then SoloLearn is a great platform for you. This application has the largest collection of free learning content for coders.

You can choose your level from beginner to pro with thousands of programming topics to learn coding concepts. Sharpen your coding skills by practicing with the free mobile code editor available inside the app.

Features of SoloLearn :
• Learn to code for free, anytime & anywhere.
• Create your profile to showcase your skills inside the community.
• Become a community influencer by creating your own lessons in your area of expertise.
• Practice coding by writing real codes from your mobile without installing any other third-party apps.

App Download Link:- Click Here 

We hope these educational apps will surely help you with your study purposes. These educational app will help you to learn about all trending course like:- Digital Marketing course, Data Analysis course, AI course, Big Data and others. If you find this article useful, please share it with others and if there are any questions/ suggestions regarding this topic, drop your comment below.


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